Original instructions

Using an old book or magazine, some scissors or a sharp knife you can create your own surrealist étrécissement. Instead of pasting elements on top of each other like in a collage, here the idea is to empty and cut out the visible planes to reveal what is hidden. When you've finished with your creation, put it face-down on a scanner and send us the image.

Technical details: minimum width or height of 1000 pixels, 72 dpi resolution (or simply put, the bigger the better)

We appreciate your spreading the word all over the world.

December 2010


Sent by Fernando de la Iglesia


Sent by Rubén B

Translated from spanish

A self-portrait extracted from the portrait Jara Varela made of me and that was published in Pasajes DiseƱo number 23.

I've spread the word, let's see what happens...


Sent by Elena R. Alcoba


Sent by max-o-matic


Sent by Naroa

Translated from spanish

I think I haven't done what you asked
I need an express course.


Sent by Coco Lens


Sent by Nicolás C Santos


Sent by Sef